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Bed Bug Acres?

November 26, 2011

Not to worry! No bed bugs where I live. I just live on a few acres by a road named Bed Bug Hill Road. No bed bugs and no real hill on that road! But an amusing name all the same!

I will be using this blog to post some results in very elementary number theory, or what I like to call “lower mathematics”, that I’ve been working on off and on (and mostly off, as math is in no way my “day job”, nor is it my primary, let alone most time intensive lay interest!) since the late 90s, or even earlier in some cases. I will have some proofs, but many more conjectures than proofs! I hope to add productively to the field and will do my best to avoid the pitfalls of amateur mathematical crankdom that is so widespread on the net. But mostly, I hope it is fun. In other words, I hope some of this stuff will prove to be more than JUST “recreational” math, but if it doesn’t fascinate and entertain, why bother?


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